Calling All Landlords..

If you're a property owner in Oxford looking for innovative ways to generate a consistent and profitable income from your investment, we can help. As experienced landlords, we understand the importance of a regular and reliable income stream, which is why we offer comprehensive management services. Our expertise in the Oxford property market allows us to maintain and maximise the return on your asset, providing you with a hassle-free and dependable income source while giving you peace of mind.

Our Approach

At Lux Living, we strive to build long-standing relationships with our landlords to help them achieve a reliable and regular income stream from their properties. We understand that a rental property is a significant investment for landlords, and we are committed to providing them with a hassle-free and seamless property management experience. 

Rent Your Home

At Lux Living, we rent properties on
long-term tenancy, providing our landlords with a hassle-free, reliable source of income while increasing the asset value for future resale. Our team has extensive experience in property development and interior design, allowing us to convert any property into a high-quality living space suitable for our guests.

Manage Your Home

By renting from landlords, we take full responsibility for managing the property, including guest management, property inspections, all maintenance and repair works. This allows landlords to enjoy a hassle-free income stream without having to worry about the day-to-day management of the property.

Reliable Income

We ensure that our properties are well-maintained and expertly managed to provide landlords with a stress-free income stream. By renting to Lux Living, landlords can be sure that their property is in good hands and will be impeccably cared for.

Less Stress For Landlords

We develop long standing partnerships with landlords based on collaboration, communication, and transparency. We offer a range of benefits to our landlords, including guaranteed rental income, a comprehensive property management service, proactive maintenance and regular property inspections. We can provide landlords with a long-term rental income stream by undertaking the necessary renovations to bring their property in line with our high standards. Our expert planning and carefully curated interior design will create stunning homes for our guests, while our management team will ensure that the property remains well-maintained and expertly managed, providing landlords with a stress-free investment opportunity.


provide a hassle free Regular and reliable income
we will Invest in your property to allow for substantial growth in the value of your asset
deliver a comprehensive property management service